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The Sanderhouse tea shop

Over 20 years ago, the Tea Shop started in Kolding, and since then it has been our desire and passion to spread warmth, coziness and good smells to our old and new customers, but also to those who happen to pass by on the street outside our shop.

Over the years, it has always been our goal to provide the best in order to give all guests and customers a good experience.

It will also be our clear goal in the future to send satisfied customers out the door at the store in Søndergade i
Kolding, as on our website and web shop, which you can find at

In Tebutikken, the focal point is the good tea, and we carry that in countless variations from everyone
corners of the world. Our shelves are overflowing with one tin after another filled with fresh and fragrant teas.
Black, white, green, red, pure, flavored and mixed, there is tea for every desire and taste.

But other than tea can also find a place in the Tea shop. Because there is something we love almost equally
high as tea, then it's chocolate - in sumptuous quality and in raw quantities!

We only offer the best, and therefore there is no doubt that Summerbirds and Valrhona's fantastic products are always to be found in
large selection at Tebukken side by side with Johan bulow's delicious liquorices,
Crabtree&Evelyn's butter-baked cookies and Claus Meyer's wonderful, authentic jams.

We could easily list many more delights in ours
small cozy shop, you will also find specialties from Wild&Tasty, from Routin and from Morten Heiberg. Wonderful
porcelain and lovely Christmas items from Maileg.

In the Tebutikken, we start every morning by putting water over for tea, putting fresh flowers in water and lighting
candles. We find a nice tune on the radio, hum softly, drink our morning tea and then get ready to go
welcome today's visitors. It's both a good but also delicious start to the day - and who doesn't want that? ;)

We try to create a space away from stress and hustle and bustle, a space full of good scents and calm to choose from.
Lots of positive comments from our lovely customers tell us that we have succeeded, and we are happy about that.

That the Tebutikken is a nice place to come precisely because here is peace and time - we can hear that and we are quite proud of that!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Tea Shop in Kolding.

The best greetings

Helle Sanderhus Tea shop in Kolding