Temple Tea

150,00 kr

Temple Tea (can)

Elegant tin - delicious contents

Our tea cans are beautiful and colorful and decorate every kitchen. Give a teapot as a hostess gift or just to treat yourself. And at the same time you have the best storage for your tea. When the can is empty, you can take it to your nearest Østerland dealer and buy a refill and thus save on packaging.

Classic black Temple Tea

Completely classic and flavorful black Ceylon Temple Tree Tea with ginkgo biloba leaves, cat cheese flower, vanilla, Roman chamomile and aroma. Lightly spicy, soft and fresh.


The taste of black Ceylon tea with a hint of gingko, safflower, vanilla and Roman chamomile is seductive and exceptionally tasty.


Tempel Tea is made from black Ceylon tea, and to achieve the most optimal taste and retain the tea's good properties, the steeping time should be 3 minutes. at 100 degree hot water.

The can contains 125 grams of loose tea.

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