Business gift baskets / Company gifts

Here you will find our examples of gift baskets.
The contents of the gift baskets may vary. Therefore, please contact us when ordering to get a gift basket that suits you.

Special occasions

Bubbles and chocolate

Exclusive and tasty greeting for the bride and groom. Summerbird's organic sparkling wine and gift box with marzipan hearts covered in dark chocolate.

You can order this or a similar gift by contacting us at or on tel. 75532755

Daylight saving time

Luxury Picnic

Rose port and Italian bubbles. Gourmet wine gummies, chewy marshmallows and a fine cloth napkin to arrange it all on.

It will be a good trip!

The basket here is an example of the many baskets we pack. contact us at or phone 75532755 if we need to pack something similar for you

"Thank you for letting us come"

The gift of the host

A good mix that suits a nice evening at the barbecue. Can contain beer, BBQ sauce, marinade, mustard, ketchup, foccacia sticks and a little something sweet for the coffee.

This basket is an example of a host gift. If you want something similar, you can contact us at or by phone 75532755

Congratulations dear friend..

Sweet Slut

Pink and pink shades for the sweet friend. Rose wine, crispy cookies, filled chocolates, licorice, wine gum and a lovely tea.

If you want something similar, contact us at or on tel. 75532755


Well done!

We pack many reception gifts all year round. Round birthdays, anniversaries, resignations, accessions and birthdays. Every anniversary deserves something good.

We fill the gifts with everything good from the store. Coffee, tea, wine, liqueur, filled chocolates, licorice and gourmet products.

Contact us at or . tel. 75532755 if we need to pack something for you