Admiralty Tea

55,00 kr

Admiralty Tea

It started in 1887

Österlandsk Thehus was founded by a marine who had participated in the English Queen Victoria's 50th anniversary in 1887. The English Admiralty had offered a tea that made such an impression on private Søren Wilhelm Jacobsen that he took the recipe for the mixture home to Copenhagen. Here he founded Østerlandsk Thehus, where the special Admiralitet tea is still one of the house's well-known and popular blends. Over the years, the tea has been treasured not only by the citizens of Copenhagen, but by customers from all over the country.

The blend consists of classic black teas from Darjeeling, Ceylon and Keemun.



Fine classic black tea without bergamot.



Admiralty tea is made from classic black teas of the best quality, and to achieve the most optimal taste, the brewing time of 3 min. and 100 degree hot water is observed.



Black tea.

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