Dragon Mint

150,00 kr

Dragon Mint Tea (can)

Elegant tin - delicious contents

Our tea cans are beautiful and colorful and decorate every kitchen. Give a teapot as a hostess gift or just to treat yourself. And at the same time you have the best storage for your tea. When the can is empty, you can take it to your nearest Østerland dealer and buy a refill and thus save on packaging.


Herbal tea with chilli & ginger

If you like our popular licorice tea, but would you like a little more kick from the taste of peppermint, chilli and ginger, then you should try our Dragon Mint. It was developed because several customers requested a slightly stronger and stronger herbal tea with chilli. And the demand shows that with Dragon Mint we have hit what the customers want. Dragon Mint is today in the top five of our best-selling teas.

Dragon Mint tea is made according to Østerlandsk Thehus' own recipe. It is a pure herbal tea, as no tea is used as we know it from the Camilia Sinensis tea plant, it is made exclusively of the very best herbs and spices such as peppermint, licorice root, lemon peel, red peppercorns, cardamom, chilli and ginger, a composition that to that extent gives flavor and edge.



You get an herbal tea with lots of flavour, both from licorice, ginger and not least chilli. It undoubtedly belongs to one of the strong teas.



Dragon Mint tea is a pure herbal tea and can therefore be brewed almost indefinitely, the taste only gets stronger and the different flavor notes emerge more clearly the longer it brews. The most optimal drawing time is 8-10 min. and 100 degree hot water.



The can contains 125 grams of loose tea.

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