English Breakfast Organic

150,00 kr

English Breakfast Organic (canned)

A classic on the breakfast table

English Breakfast Organic is a classic black tea blend. The tea consists of strong teas such as Indian Assam and Ceylon, which makes it extremely obvious as morning tea with milk.



Classic, strong black tea with a malty taste.



English Breakfast Organic is classic black tea, and to achieve the most optimal taste, the steeping time of 3 min. and 100 degree hot water is observed.


What is black tea?

Black tea, like green and white tea, comes from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Black tea is fully oxidized, i.e. oxygenated, and is the type of tea that undergoes the longest processing process: picking, drying, rolling, oxidation and roasting. For quality tea, only the top, young and dark green top shoots are picked. "Two leaves and a bud" are picked, i.e. two side leaves and the middle top shoot.

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