Flower Power Tea

150,00 kr

Flower Power Tea, organic

Elegant tin - delicious contents

Our tea cans are beautiful and colorful and decorate every kitchen. Give a teapot as a hostess gift or just to treat yourself. And at the same time you have the best storage for your tea. When the can is empty, you can take it with you to your nearest Østerland dealer and buy a refill and thus save on packaging.


White & green mix

Organic tea blend consisting of white Bai Mu Dan and green Sencha combined with wonderful ingredients such as apple, ginger, rose petals and blue cornflower. A festive and organic very tasty tea where the packaging also brings joy.



Light and fresh with hints of ginger.



Flower Power is a mixture of white tea and green tea, and in order to achieve the most optimal taste and retain the tea's good properties as well as vitamins and antioxidants, the steeping time should be 5-6 min. and 80 degree warm water is observed.


What is green and white tea

Both types of tea come from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis. The big difference between white and green tea is the way the tea is made. Unlike the production of the green teas, which are exposed to relatively high temperatures to remove the moisture content of the teas, white tea is dried naturally by using the sun's rays, or by a drying process under lower temperatures that takes place indoors, which is to ensure that the antioxidants and vitamins in the tea are preserved.


The can contains 125 grams of loose tea.

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