Green Walnut - Loose

55,00 kr

Green Walnut Tea

Round and soft

Classic mild and soft green Sencha tea from China. Add walnuts, small pieces of hazelnut and almond and you have the best cup of green tea. Another one of Østerlandsk Thehus' own blends, which you can risk becoming addicted to.



The taste is mild, soft and slightly sweet.



Green walnut tea is made from green tea, and in order to achieve the most optimal taste and retain the tea's good properties as well as vitamins and antioxidants, the steeping time of 3 min. and 80 degree warm water is observed.


Green tea

Green walnut is one of Østerlandsk Thehus' own popular blends. Green tea is what is called "the original" tea, the unfermented, natural product that, after roasting and drying, is heat-treated so that the tea leaves do not oxidize. It affects the color of the tea, which becomes significantly lighter, and also the taste, which becomes significantly lighter compared to the black tea.
Green tea has a limited content of caffeine and tannins.

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