Sweet Lemon - Loose

54,00 kr

Sweet Lemon Tea, Organic

Full of sweetness and freshness

Sweet Lemon is another tea in the range of our popular herbal teas. It is made according to Østerlandsk Thehus' secret recipe. Sweet Lemon is a pure organic herbal tea made from only the very best ingredients such as organic lemongrass, organic apple, organic licorice root, organic pineapple pieces, organic lemon peel, natural strawberry aroma, organic marigold flower and organic strawberry pieces.

Note that the tea contains licorice root, which should not be consumed in large quantities if you tend to have high blood pressure.



The taste is fresh with a fantastic sweet aftertaste. If you have a sweet tooth, Sweet Lemon is a good substitute for sweets. If you like Cool Mint, this herbal tea will undoubtedly also be a hit.



Sweet Lemon tea is a pure herbal tea and can therefore be steeped almost indefinitely, the taste only gets stronger and the different flavor notes emerge more clearly the longer it steeps. The most optimal drawing time is 8-10 min. and 100 degree hot water.

Sweet Lemon is also easy to use as an iced tea on a hot summer day.

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