White Chocolate - Loose

68,00 kr

White Chocolate Tea

Light and sweet

Tea and chocolate are a wonderful combination. This white tea with pieces of white chocolate is pure candy for adults.



The taste is slightly sweet, velvety and creamy.



White chocolate tea is made from white tea, and in order to achieve the most optimal taste and retain the tea's good properties as well as vitamins and antioxidants, the steeping time should be 2-4 min. and 80 degree warm water is observed.


What is white tea

White tea is the first young shoots of the tea bush and a delicacy, being harvested only a few days in the early spring. The tea leaves are not picked on rainy days, if the dew is not completely gone or if there is frost on the ground. White tea differs from both green and black tea in the process that follows the actual picking of the tea leaves. The fresh tea leaves go through a natural drying process.

The white tea, like the green tea, is unfermented, which means that the tea leaves do not go through the oxygenation process that causes the color of the tea leaves to become dark. Unlike the other teas, the tea leaves are rolled very rarely. Thus it is the characteristic of most white qualities that they are very large-leaved.

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