Ready, Ready, Garden start

The birds are chirping and the light green leaves are popping out. These are small signs of the imminent arrival of spring and the sky seems a little bluer than it has been for the last several months. At Sanderhouse, we also feel the sensations of spring and we look forward to starting the first little needlework in the garden.
With us out in the spring, we have some clear favorites that are perfect for a day in the garden.



Prepare for the garden trip with this wonderful garden almanac. In addition to containing useful information on how to build an organic garden, it also contains beautiful drawings that will please your eyes.
Here we would venture to say that it is a particularly good read if you find yourself a ray of sunshine to enjoy, best accompanied by our home-made, spring-fresh iced tea.


This fine basket from the Japanese Hachiman is perfect when you need to carry tools and implements around the garden. We recommend that you squeeze a bottle of refreshing iced tea into the basket...



A day in the garden is balm for the soul - but we can quickly agree that it doesn't exactly do wonders for the hands... Therefore, over time, we have become incredibly happy and grateful for this set from Garderners' Hand Therapy, which is just that: therapy for the hands, well deserved after a long day's work.